We operate on a sport first, strategy led basis, with a flexible approach to service

We work as a complement to, and extension of, our client's internal teams

Sport First

We work with sports governing bodies, associations and major clubs around the globe on setting and delivering their strategic and commercial agendas. We are most often asked to support the negotiation of major deals and the preparation for large capital allocation decisions. 

Given the strategic nature of our work, we recognise the need to neutralise conflicts of interest and we routinely do so with our clients. This approach enables us to partner deeply with our clients over many years of service.

Strategy Led

We bring high-impact, strategy led analyses to client decision making. We work with clients to understand the drivers of value and then help set a safe and prosperous way forward. In the simplest terms, we work with clients to deliver three priorities:

  1. Understand the equation that solves for value

  2. Ensure the highest quality data inputs to solve the equation

  3. Scenario plan and roadmap

We invest in proprietary data sets where scale across clients is key to efficiency, or where information asymmetry has created a need for reliable ‘forecasts’. While large data sets fuel a disproportionate share of our work, we are not a “data bureau” – we are fundamentally led by strategy

Flexible Service

We have two main service delivery models that are used variously by clients depending on what suits their needs

  1. Areas of expertise: We are considered subject matter experts in three main practice areas – media rights, wagering (betting) and sponsorship. Our long-term clients most frequently engage us to deliver projects in these areas via long-term retainers

  2. Discretionary support: Some clients have substantial internal consulting teams. When time and resource are in short supply, long-term clients turn to us to provide discretionary support in solving general management issues. We know their business, there is little-to-no organisation learning curve to scale and our teams can be productive quickly