Practice Areas

Strategic support for your biggest revenue streams

Our approach is bespoke, typically focusing on three areas of our clients’ business

three important points on our engagement approach

Context matters for all the work we do. While the broad strokes of our analytical work are based on well refined frameworks, each application of these frameworks is heavily dependent on the client’s specific context at a given point in time. This is one of the reasons why we focus on understanding drivers of value at such a detailed level (for media rights, wagering, sponsorship or anything else).

We work as a complement to, and extension of, our client’s internal teams. We work with clients over long periods of time (more than a decade in a few cases). We do this in order to truly understand clients’ strategic contexts, which in turn enables us to partner more closely and avoid conflicts of interest. It also means our methods and approaches are, over time, adapted to the specific context of each client.

Our work is “digital native”. We don’t maintain a separate “digital” practice area. Rather, we believe digital technologies are part of the status-quo consumer / business landscapes and should thus be addressed within the natural course of any of our projects, including in the tools and techniques ColganBauer project teams use to deliver our projects.


Media rights

Our approach to valuing sports media rights have been refined and proven over 15 years of client work with the world’s largest sporting bodies including the Australian Football League, English Premier League, Bundesliga, and Cricket Australia (amongst many others).

These approaches are based on the principles of media-econometrics and are fuelled by market-based data sets and reliable competitive intelligence. Our econometric models are most usefully leveraged in combination with clients who want to estimate the financial value impact of different packaging strategies, fixture strategies or unique combinations of media platforms.

We work to short list the most important “drivers of value” and then construct econometric models around these drivers so that as new market intelligence is uncovered, the impact on value can be quickly assessed. 

wagering strategy

In Australia, we operate in one of the most sophisticated wagering markets in the world. Australian sports have unique legislative support allowing authorised governing bodies (e.g. AFL, NRL, Cricket Australia, etc) to levy a percentage rate charge (called a “Product Fee”) on wagering turnover (or profits) generated by Australian based Wagering Service Providers. 

We have worked with many leading Australian sports to build a baseline of wagering on their sports. While top line market statistics are helpful, we create a more nuanced analysis of the specific wagering economics on each sport to understand potential product fee revenues.

This economic baseline is contextualised by the regulatory landscape and the rights holders’ integrity objectives to create an organisational wagering strategy.

sponsorship strategy

The sponsorship market is evolving, with brands demanding deeper partnerships with sports. This evolution requires a new approach to valuation which accounts for all elements of a partnership and creates information asymmetry for rights holders.

We’ve long advocated for rights holders to manage all sponsorships as a portfolio, underpinned by ‘fit-for-purpose’ delivery of a sponsorship valuation and management service. Our portfolio management method houses each individual sponsorship in its appropriate context and aids managers to maximising the value of all assets of the organisation. This method decouples logo counting from valuation and places brand value metrics in their appropriate context.

We’ve completed 20+ commercial and sponsorship strategic reviews for sports governing bodies and clubs using this approach, often on a repeated basis.